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Attendance at Inquests: Inquests are public hearings and physical attendance at the Coroners Court is always open to all, including the public and members of the press. Remote attendance via Microsoft Teams is available to participants such as Witnesses, Interested Persons and Legal Representatives with the Coroner’s prior express approval. In line with guidance from the Chief Coroner remote attendance for non-participants such as members of the public or press is something that can be considered by the Coroner but does require a formal written request which should be made well in advance of the hearing and should be accompanied with written reasons as to why such remote (as opposed to physical attendance) is necessary, the Coroner will then consider whether to grant the request (having regard to the Interests of Justice, relevant regulations and guidance).

We have prepared some information all about Inquests for families and witnesses. These are the upcoming Inquests and Inquest Openings for Essex Coroner’s Service.

Please note:

  • Inquests, Inquest Openings and Pre-Inquest Reviews for Essex are usually held in open court in Chelmsford.
  • This list is published each working day by 5pm, giving Inquest Hearings two days in advance. Inquest Openings, Pre-Inquest Reviews and Documentary Inquests are listed for the following working day only.
  • We work hard to make sure these lists are accurate. Sometimes changes are unavoidable.
  • Inquests timings are not confirmed until the Inquest is officially opened. The media should not publish any details of the deceased until after the Inquest is opened.

The search covers Inquests from last month and any available future dates. Any requests for Inquests prior to last month should be directed to

You can search for a specific inquest by using one or more of the search options below.

Date of inquest Name of deceased Type of inquest Date of death Age Place of death Conclusion
1 September 2022 09:30am Court room 2 Seax House HAYES Derek Opening 22 May 2022 88 years Chelmsford, Essex