Who is the Coroner?

The Coroner is an independent judicial officer appointed by the Crown.

The Senior Coroner for Essex is Mrs Caroline Beasley-Murray, assisted by Area Coroner Mrs Eleanor McGann.

What does the Coroner do?

The Coroner is responsible for investigating:

  • violent or unnatural death
  • sudden deaths with no known cause
  • reported deaths in custody
  • treasure finds.

In the case of a reported death, the Coroner must make enquiries to find out:

  • who died
  • when they died
  • where they died, and
  • how they died.

How the Coroner speaks with relatives of the person who died

The Coroner has a team of officers who receive reports of deaths, make inquiries and keep relatives informed. You’ll speak to these officers when you contact the Coroner.

Whatever the Coroner decides, the next of kin will be told what will happen.

If there is an inquest into your relative's death, one officer will take responsibility for the case and you’ll usually speak to the same person about it.

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