Be on time. Arrive at the coroner’s court at the time given in your letter so that any checks can be carried out before the inquest.

Wear the right type of clothing. Treat the event and the feelings of the dead person’s family with respect.

Do not take any electronic equipment like mp3 players, mobile phones, or sound recording equipment into the jury or court room. You must put these in the lockers provided to keep them safe.

Checking your identity

Will I need to prove my identity?

Yes. The Jury Bailiff will confirm your identity on the first day of jury service. We will take a copy of your proof of identity. This will not be kept at the end of the inquest. It will be destroyed.

What types of identification should I bring?

If you are a British national:

  • A passport or
  • Photo driving licence

OR two of the following:

  • Your birth certificate – issued within 6 weeks of birth
  • Your cheque book, bank card and three bank statements, including proof of signature
  • Your credit card and three credit card statements, including proof of signature
  • Three utility bills ( such as gas, electricity, water or telephone bills) showing your correct name and address

If you are an European Economic Area (EEA) national:

  • Your full EEA passport OR National Identity Card.

If you’re neither a British Citizen nor an EEA national:

  • Your full passport OR a Home Office document confirming your UK immigration status.

You cannot serve on a jury without the right type of identification. You must make sure that you bring some form of identification with you on the day.

How do I find out about the day and ask any questions?

The Jury Bailiff will explain to the selected jurors:

  • the day’s timetable,
  • when it’s time to go into court and where to sit, and
  • if you can buy refreshments in the building.

The Coroner will explain everything else to you in court. But if you have any other questions, the Jury Bailiff will be able to answer them .

What if I know someone who is giving evidence or otherwise involved in the hearing?

If you’re selected as part of the jury but find that you know someone else at the hearing, you must let the Jury Bailiff know. The Coroner will decide if you can continue or not.

Will I have to take an oath or affirmation?

Yes. Before the start of every inquest, each member of the jury must take an oath or make a non-religious affirmation. 

Travel and parking

Find out about parking and how to get to the Coroner’s Court.

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