What can I claim for?

You can claim for:

  • loss of earnings
  • expenses
  • benefits
  • travel
  • lunch

There’s a maximum daily amount you can claim for loss of earnings and other expenses. The Ministry of Justice fixes these rates and reviews them every year.

If you've been called to do jury service, we will give you a form to use to claim expenses and loss of earnings.

Loss of earnings

Will I continue to receive my regular income or earnings?

A juror must confirm with their employer before the start of an inquest whether they’ll continue to receive regular pay for the period of the inquest or claim loss of earnings from the court.

How can I claim for loss of earnings?

If you’re employed, receiving benefit or work for yourself, your employer or benefit office must complete the claim form. We’ll give you this form when you complete your jury service. Self-employed jurors will need to include evidence of their loss of earnings.

Can I claim for the full length of my jury service?

No. You can only claim for hours you have missed from work. For example, if you attend jury service for a week but only missed one day’s work, you can only claim for loss of earnings for that one day.

Do I need to attend jury service if I work night shifts?

Yes. You do not need to attend work if you've been summoned as a juror. You can claim loss of earnings for the night shifts you've missed, except for Friday and Saturday nights.

If you’re due to work on a Saturday or Sunday during the inquest, you will not be able to claim for loss of earnings for these days.

Can I make a claim if I am receiving benefits?

If you’re on benefits, check with your benefit office whether you need to make a loss of earnings claim. If you’re entitled to claim, the benefit office will complete your form.

If you’re on Jobseekers Allowance, you can continue to claim for up to 8 weeks.

Can I claim for days that the jury is not needed?

Normally, you cannot claim for loss of earnings for days that you’re not needed during your jury service.You can work on these days if you wish.

If you are given less than two days’ notice of not needing to attend, you can claim for loss of earnings. The Ministry of Justice sets out the maximum amount you can claim.


What expenses can I claim?

You claim for some expenses if you’re summoned as a juror if you provide receipts to support your claim.


You may claim up to:

  • £5.71 on days when you serve for up to 10 hours
  • £12.71 on days when you serve over 10 hours.

You cannot claim for lunch if you bring your own in or if the Coroner’s office provides lunch.

Travel and parking

  • Public transport: We will pay your full fare if you include a receipt
  • Driving: We will pay 45p per mile. You must include a receipt for fuel and your total daily distance from home to court using postcodes on your claim form.
  • Bicycles: We will pay 20p per every mile. Give your total daily distance from home to court using postcodes on your claim form.
  • Taxis: We won’t accept any claims for taxis fares.
  • Car parks: You can claim up to £5 for a full day. You must provide a receipt.
  • Park and ride: We will pay £3.00 to use park and ride facilities in Chelmsford and Colchester. You must keep your receipts to claim it as an expense.


To make a claim for childcare costs, you must agree this with the Coroner’s office before the start of the inquest and provide an invoice with your claim.

Can my employer claim money from the court after they’ve paid me?

No. By law, the Coroner’s court can only pay expenses and loss of earnings to the juror.

When can I submit my claim?

You can only submit a claim once you complete your jury service and can provide all your receipts.

When will my expenses be paid?

It usually takes around 6-8 weeks to receive your payment.

How will I be paid?

We will pay you into your bank account. You must provide the correct details when you fill in your expenses claim form.



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